We turned a difficult rehabilitation into a game. We have replaced the hospital ward to the ski slopes and roller rinks, and medical devices to sports equipment. Our goal is to make the life of families with special children active.

Dream skis is a sports rehabilitation and socialization program for people with cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome, vision and hearing disorders, and other disabilities. Thanks to donations, more and more children and adults with disabilities can play the sport they like!

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Why is the "Dream Ski" technique brilliant? They coordinate movements, connect visual, auditory, proprioceptive analyzers with the vestibular apparatus, train the transfer of the common center of gravity

Nina Gross,

head of the Children's center for physical rehabilitation and sports Grossko

"Dream skiing" is a treatment not by sports, but by love. Look at children with special needs at the moment when they go skiing and roller skating "dreams". You will see happiness, enthusiasm, delight! If it can give you happiness, you should do it! Look at these children, they know how to fight and often achieve more than ordinary people

Olesya Aliyeva,

multiple champion of Russia, prize-winner of world Cup downhill

You need to be able to sympathize, to be able to wholeheartedly wish to help someone, this is educable, it can be instilled in school. I need to remind you that there are better things than a new iPhone. After all, in fact, you can save someone's life without endangering your own. Isn't this the greatest pleasure on earth!?

Svetlana Zeynalova,

leading the First channel

Distribution of collected funds:

— Opening of new centers and training - 31%

— Payment for classes for children - 27%

— Organization of competitions - 15%

— Payment for the project team's work - 15%

— Educational activity - 12%

Eugene Belogolovtsev,
31 years old, diagnosis: cerebral palsy

My name is Eugene Belogolovtsev, and I want to tell you my story. I hope it will give hope to unhealthy children and adults, and everyone else will just be interested.It so happened that from the very birth I have serious health problems, a whole "bouquet". I took my first steps only when I was 5 years old. I had an unsteady gait, problems keeping my balance, and weak muscles. For 24 years, my mother and father selflessly fought for my health, but traditional methods of treatment did not give the desired result. So, one day, I found myself in a snow slider on a ski slope.

7 years old, autism spectrum disorder

This is one of the most successful and progressive projects that we have been able to participate in. A balanced approach to the types of activities that contribute to the development of the necessary skills (coordination, dexterity, spatial-temporal connections). The important point was organization of joint games (their elements), participation in relay races and obstacle courses, and, of course, begovely – something that we have never tried, and that turned out to be 100%. Such a camp is very important in terms of the ability to adapt to new requirements and socialization. The exit from the zone it is very productive and useful. Arkady began to show interest in playing with the ball. He wants collaborate as a team and wait for appropriate instructions and explanations. Already on arrival home he became interested in drawing and immediately drew two pictures.

Polina Romanova,
10 years, cerebral palsy

Before classes started, Polinka could not stand on her own. But after just 10 classes, I learned to stand in ski boots! And the next season, with the help of my coach and dad, I was able to drive a few meters without a slider. Now Polina can already walk independently in ski boots and stand in ordinary sandals. The real victory was the first place in the younger age group, the category "descent on a snowslider", at the IV all-Russian "dream Starts". This was a reward for hard work! After all, according to Polina's mother Elena-the girl is not afraid of anything. No wind, no frost, no Blizzard, no fog. In any weather and at any opportunity, rushes to train, despite the huge effort and fatigue.

Dasha Sysoeva,
14 years old, visual impairment

"Dasha does not see, and there is not much available for her, so we are always on the lookout for activities, which can be adapted for your daughter. But I never thought, and at first I didn't believe, that blind people can go skiing, - says Dasha's mother. - The first descent was exciting, but then she liked it and wanted more. When after just a couple of classes Dasha I rolled down the slope with almost no support, I was amazed! In addition, the daughter immediately my gait improved and my muscles got stronger."