Programme of efficient rehabilitation for people with limited capacities with the help of Sports



DREAM SKI founders, Natalia and Sergey Belogolovcev for over 20 years are battling health problems of their youngest son, Eugene, who among other health issues has severe cerebral palcy. Parents tried different methods and medical institutions. The main conclusion they've made after years of trying - there is scarce of effective rehabilitation methods.

Rehabilitaiton method with the use of skiing Belogolovcev family tried for the first time being abroad. With their son, Natalia and Sergey became certain that even short-term skiing course (2-3 weeks) gives surprising theraupeutical effect that couldn't be reached with standard rehabilitation methods. This inspired them to launch this Programme in Russia.

In January 2014 nine participants enrolled into Programme Dream ski.

To March 2016 over two thousand participants went through rehabilitation Programme

More than 120 skiing instructors has undervent training for work with people with reduced capabilities in accordance with unique training Programme, approved by FRC of physical fitness and sports and Ministry of Sports of Russia.

Leading rehabilitation Centers of Russia confirmed the effectiveness of the Programme Dream ski. The Program has been supported by Head Children’s Neurologist of Russia, MD, Professor, Honored doctor of Russia, President of National association of CP experts, Tatyana Batysheva. The Centre conducts scientific research confirming the therapeutic effectiveness of the Program. Efficiency of the Program has been also confirmed by MD, Head of Rehabilitation Center for disabled Svetlana Volovets. Alpine skiing was included in rehabilitation course for patients of the Center.

Our objective is to create the opportunity for rehabilitation of people with health problems with the help of skiing at each of the Russian ski resort.